Monday, 23 January 2012

YOUR BAKES: Maple Syrup Cake

It's been a bumper week here at the Weekly Bake-Off residence - you have treated me to ELEVEN delicious Maple Syrup Cakes. And what's more - I have judged them myself this week! We're a fifth of the way through our 100 Cakes and Bakes now, and I thought it was about time I faced my fear of judging and got stuck in. Deep goes!

Baking Addict
"A lovely looking example with a lovely even cream covering and perfectly proportioned layers."

Caroline Cowan
"I love the generous cream filling in this evenly baked cake."

Kibibi Designs
"Ahh a woman after my own heart - just a cream topping rather than all round the sides. Love the rustic style of this cake and for me the exposed sides give extra "mmm" factor."

"A very neat cake, perhaps could do with a bit more filling but then again I am a 'more is more' kind of person! A good, precise bake."

Lynda Willims
"This cake is like a work of art - how long did it take you to place that orange peel so perfectly on top?! Lovely tall cake with beautifully even filling and covering."

Jen - Malcolm Murphy Hair
"Always love a bit of creativity when it comes to baking, and this pecan decoration sets the cake off for me. The sponge looks delicious - I could definitely eat this cake!"

Paul J White
"These cakes just get better as I go along. Paul this cake just shouts "EAT ME!", I love how the cream in the middle is trying to escape and you've slathered the top with plenty more." 

"A beautiful version of Mary's cake, this could be served up in a posh coffee shop or bakery. Perfectly even layers, exposed sides and neat, pecanned topping all make for an irresistable looking cake."

Sue Ryan
"A good, even bake on the sponge along with a geneous helping of cream filliing and topping make for a handsome attempt. Although you called it a disaster, I rather like the 'reservoir' of cream in the middle - it gives the cake character!!"
Alison McKenzie
"Alison you never fail to impress me, your attention to detail when decorating a cake is second to none and this is no exception. I love the piping on top and - I know I keep going on about it - but I really love the fact you can see the sides. A healthy filling compliments the evenly baked sponge, a lovely cake."
Nadine Beaton
"This is the cutest cake of the bunch, it looks like it's wearing a snuggly chenile jumper! Love the generous covering of orange peel, I can imagine the citrus hit balanced the sweet maple flavour beautifully."


Oh my goodness, I really bit off more than I could chew with this lot - what a fabulous collection of cakes! I would like to apologise to all my wonderful judges of bake-offs gone by for putting them through such a difficult task - I have really struggled to decide on a winner. That's not to say my winner does not completely deserve the title. The cake I have chosen stood out to me as the most perfect - equal layers, great cake to cream ratio and what wonderful orange peel to finish. It also is a spot on interpretation of the recipe, and for all of those reasons - congratulations
Lynda Williams

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