Thursday, 29 March 2012

Banana Loaf

Bake Thirty-One, page 112

My Apricot Swiss Cakes were gobbled up in a matter of minutes last week so come Wednesday in our house we craved a little sweet treat. Cue this lovely Banana Loaf. I am not such a fan of banana in cakes - I find it just overpowers everything else leaving the whole cake tasting of banana. With this in mind, I used just one banana instead of two as the recipe dictates. I must say it was very delicious.

I was suprised that ordinary caster sugar was used rather than light muscovado - however this was great for me as my stocks on everything were quite low last week. I'd definitely recommend this cake for lunch boxes or to have with a nice cup of tea. And unless you like very banana-y cakes, one banana was just right.

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