Monday, 19 March 2012

YOUR BAKES: Lemon Yoghurt Cake

28 cakes - I am absolutely stunned! There is such a beautiful array of Lemon Yoghurt Cakes this week, all with their own little personal touches and quirks. I'll put the amazing participation down to Mother's day yesterday, with a lot of the entrants baking this cake for their lucky mums and mums-in-law alike. Thank you to everyone who has entered, and good luck to you all. A special thank you to our wonderful judge Jan @janbagnall who took on the mammoth task of judging these beauties for us.

My personal favourite has to be this unofficial entry from John's son (@jboylie), I bet his mummy felt very special indeed!

Cara Donovan
Jan says: "Looks lovely, great amount of icing, lovely!"

Sue Ryan
Jan says: "Looks like a great sponge, rich colour, and a beautifully glossy icing, wonderful."

Sarah Plant
Jan says: "Shame I can't see inside the cake but the icing looks great."

Jan says: "Cake looks great. Is the icing a bit thin? Looks great nonetheless, generous amount of lemon on top too!"

Jen Price
Jan says: "Very pretty decoration, shame I can't see inside to see if it looks equally as yummy!"

Paul J White
Jan says: "Cake looks fab, and the icing is nice and shiny!"

Jessica Thomas
Jan says: "Mmmmmm, cake and icing both look wonderful, made me want a piece with a nice cuppa!"

Emma B
Jan says: "That cake looks fantastic, can say no more!"

Helen Hargreaves
Jan says: "Cake looks light, icing perhaps needs a bit more icing sugar but looks nice and I like the piping."

Sharon Wells
Jan says: "Cake has great height, lovely icing too."

John Boyle
Jan says: "Mmm, yet another wonderful looking cake, just made me want a piece."

Caroline Partridge
Jan says: "This looks fab, and beautifully decorated too."

Rachel Leah
Jan says: "Great looking cake, icing a bit thick for my taste but I like the further decoration on top."

 Claire Patterson
Jan says: "Generous amount of icing, cake looks tasty."

Caroline Cowan
Jan says: "Cake has lovely light colour, looks a bit dry but beautifully decorated."

Self Raising Flower
Jan says: "Wow! Fabulous looking cake, great height, love the icing dripping over the side, mmm."

Zoe Revell
Jan says: "This is so pretty! It looks great but adding the flowers has made it extra lovely!"

Wild About Baking
Jan says: "Great colour on the cake, beautifully glossy icing, looks perfect."

Jan says: "Another fabulous cake, perhaps needs a touch more icing but still looks delicious!"

Jaime James
Jan says: "I love the pretty flower! Cake and icing both look great, yummy."

Karen Cunningham
Jan says: "Both cake and icing looks great, cake perhaps a tad dry, but those fruits on top remind me of my childhood, just loved them!!"

Teresa MM
Jan says: "Great looking cake but more icing please as it looks lovely!"

Jan says: "Can't see much of this cake but it looks yummy and a great glossy icing."

Tara Thompson
Jan says: "This cake looks perfectly light and I particularly like the piping work."

Jan says: "Looks good, icing looks quite creamy, very nice."

Jan says: "Cake looks nice, icing could be thicker but it still looks delicious."

Sharon Butler
Jan says: "Oh wow, perfection! Cake, icing and decoration all looks wonderful."

by Jan Bagnall

"As I type this, my copy of the book has been flung across the living room by my 14 month old. She's now sitting on it.
Winner - Sharon Butler - like I said, perfection across the board here. Any left?!
Runner up - Sue Ryan - again, fabulous looking cake."

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