Friday, 27 April 2012

Ginger and Treacle Spiced Traybake

Bake Thirty-Five, page 79

I cannot tell a lie - I don't really like this cake. It was fun to make (even if I thought the dark, treacly batter was going to eat me instead) but I underestimated the flavour of the ginger and treacle and I am not a massive fan of either. But surely you could tell by the name, I hear you cry! And I suppose you're right, Dear Reader, but I just thought it might be a bit more like the Parkin I made last year - forgetting I had to swap treacle for Golden Syrup back then because I couldn't get black treacle in my local Tesco. Anyway, the point is it was just a little bit too treacly for me, and I am not too huge on stem ginger either.

The cake baked incredibly well though, and apart from the fiddly task of chopping three bulbs of stem ginger to decorate, relatively fuss free too. I took half into work and it seemed to go down well - although I only started my job on Monday so couldn't really tell if my colleagues were just being polite. I suppose I'll find out next week by whether they opt for slice of my next homemade cake!

I would make this cake again on the basis that the recipe is so easy to follow resulting in a great looking cake - but I'd replace the black treacle with golden syrup, that way I would probably be able to handle the ginger atop this spicy traybake.

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