Tuesday, 24 April 2012

YOUR BAKES: The Ultimate Chocolate Roulade

The Ultimate Chocolate Roulade definitely lived up to its name in my house. I was thrilled with how chocolatey the sponge tasted, and it has set my imagination running wild with whether I could use flavoured chocolate to maximise the 'wow' factor with this cake. I stumbled across this fabulous dark chocolate with raspberries on a gourmet food website and I'm VERY tempted to try it next time I make this lovely roulade. I also love the luxury using fresh cream and fresh fruit brings, making this cake perfect for impressing guests - or perhaps a decadant treat 'just because'.

Anyway, enough gushing about my love of this week's choice, and over to your beautiful creations. They all look absolutely delicious, and Mary was right in saying the cracking adds extra charm. I love them! A special thank you to our lovely judge Leta @attachmentmumma who has lent her time to us this week. Leta has written a great blog post about judging for us, which you can read here.

Leta says: "The outer layer of sponge is fabulously even and professional looking, and the cracking does indeed add charm.  I really want to eat this one!"

Sharon Reed
Leta says: "A little too much icing sugar, but a good dark chocolate colour and nice thick layers of sponge and cream."

Susan P
Leta says: "I would have preferred to see it close up, but a nice shape, with lots of yummy raspberries."

Lynda Williams
Leta says: "Looks as though the cream could have done with a bit more whipping, looks delicious with the fresh berry juice oozing out though."

Sew Appetising
Leta says: "Good thick, dark sponge, but could maybe do with a little more cream and a little less icing sugar.  I like the strong red berry contrast with the very dark chocolate though."

Teresa MM
Leta says: "Looks very professional; a good, tight roll.  Maybe the cream layers could be more even."

Fiona Reed
Leta says: "Again, more evenly spread cream would be nice. Somehow looks very Christmassy and Yule log-like. Yum!"

Sue Ryan
Leta says: "Very nice-looking roulade, good rich sponge very tightly rolled.  I like the criss cross effect of the cream.  Very professional!"

Sharon Wells
Leta says: "Sponge a little too dense and the layers are rather thick.  nice colour though."

Rachel Leah
Leta says: "Lovely combination of raspberries in the cream.  Good dark colour, although the sponge looks a little dry."

Caroline Cowan
Leta says: "I quite like this slightly triangular shape; good even layers of sponge and cream."

Fleur McCrone
Leta says: "Very dark chocolate colour, nice addition of stars on the top.  Cream layer a little too thin."

Sharon Butler
Leta says: "Shame its split so much, I wonder if the cream went in when the sponge was still warm too?  The thick cream and raspberry bits make it look delicious all the same."

Leta says: "Another professional-looking one, nice light dusting of sugar and even sponge layers.  Nicely rolled, but the cream layers are a little too thick in places."

John Boyle
Leta says: "Looks delicious in the bowl, good even layers of sponge and cream.  I would have liked to see the whole thing too though."

by Leta

"I think my winner has to be Cara's to have with a cup of tea, and Sew Appetising's to have with cream as dessert. I left it to Lara (2 yo) to decide between the two, and she went for...
Well done!"


  1. They all look great! But I missed what the recipe was :-( Do you tweet them? I was waiting for the link on the site. Ah well...next time!

  2. Wow! They all look delicious x

  3. Hi Helen, sorry you missed the Tweet - I tend to just Tweet the recipe on a Monday morning now. Sorry! I used to post it on here too but I'm a bit busier now than when I started the blog. From next week I will put the recipe Tweet in my favouites so if you miss it you should still be able to see in my favourites. Or failing that just Tweet me and I'll let you know!
    Sorry you missed out on this one but if you get a chance then definitely give it a go, it's a corker! Xx

  4. Well Done Cara...this is one of our fave puddings at home...think my 8 yr old did the icing sugar sprinkle on that one...but by the time we ate it, most had soaked into the spong anyway...think it's a great oud for dinner parties and special occasions...