Tuesday, 18 September 2012

YOUR BAKES: Cappuccino Cake

John Boyle
Caroline Cowan

Cappuccino Cake

Bake Fifty-Six, page 20

Ahh...I am FINALLY back after taking the summer off from Weekly Bake-Off duties. It was unintentional but SO needed, I didn't realise how much I was struggling to fit everything in until I stopped for a while. For my return, and in true Bake-Off style, I chose a cake I really didn't fancy - Cappuccino Cake. I am not keen on coffee and this cake basically looked exactly like a cake version of a frothy cappuccino. To my surprise (although the most surprising thing is that I am still surprised when cakes are nice) is that this cake was Delicious, with a capital D. Admittedly I added icing sugar to the coffee-flavoured cream as I found it a bit too bitter without, but apart from that the chocolate sponge on this cake was to die for. I'd love to make it again with lots of different cream flavour combinations, I wonder if it's possible to flavour cream with Frangelico...? Mmm... Frangelico cake...